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Math Stuff

Scott Flansburg the human calculator

The Counting Bee


How-To Geek explains the difference between jailbreaking, rooting, and unlocking.

Resilient software design in a nutshell

Rat poison

The most effective rat poison is based on Vitamin D:

  1. rats eat a fatal dose on first feeding (they don't learn to avoid it)
  2. pregnant rats eating the poison do not give birth to rats that are immune
  3. If another animal eats the rat, there is little risk of secondary poisoning

Document tips

Design Your Product Datasheet for Skimming and Scanning

How to write a product datasheet

Difference between information sheet and brochure

Brochure or Sales sheet?

What is a data sheet?

How to create a sales brochure

Testing tips

Test Strategy and Test Plan

Whiteboard software

Best whiteboard animation tools


Community for E-Course Creators

How to Create Your Own Hand-Drawn Graphics

Essential Guide to Visual Thinking for E-Learning


Netflix open connect mentioning Nginx

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