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ProFantasy Software brings you everything you need to create great maps for your games.

There are symbols and tools for overland maps from all ages, buildings, floorplans, heraldry and many other uses. We help you create more and better maps, more quickly, than any comparable software.

My ProFantasy Software

Campaign Cartographer 3

City Designer 3

Tutorials by an award winner

Dungeon Designer 3

Cosmographer 3

Fractal Terrains Pro

Symbol Set 1 v3 - Overland

Symbol Set 2 v3 - Floorplans

My installation order

  1. CC3Setup.exe
  2. CC3Patch7.exe
    1. .NET Framework 1.1
    2. .NET Framework 1.1 SP1
    3. .NET Framework 1.1 Asp Patch
  3. DD3Setup.exe
  4. CD3Setup.exe
  5. SS1Setup.exe
  6. SS2Setup.exe
  7. DD3_Essentials.exe
  8. DD3RandomDungeon.exe
  9. Fractal Terrains from old CD
  10. Fractal Terrains Pro upgrade
  11. CD3Bitmaps.exe (skipped this install & waiting for tech support to answer if I remove or repair installation)
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