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Interesting Games

UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games, but with a twist. Our game combines military realism with hard science-fiction and the weirdness of an alien invasion. The carefully constructed turn-based system gives you pin-point control of your squad while maintaining a sense of pace and danger.

Descent 2

Official Game Site of Prototype

Web based games

Free game that is surprisingly entertaining. Goo, growth, survival with some great music. Play flOw here.

Some game notes

I am supporting Star Citizen and looking forward to the games release.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

World of Tanks


Steam version of all the XCOM games. Games run great in Win7 64-bit they have seriously outdated graphics.


Age of Conan

Supreme Commander


Assassin's Creed Directors Cut

Total War


Overlord Raising Hell walk through

Overlord 2 walk through

Dungeon Siege series

From Dust

Note to get From Dust to work with NVidia Surround or Eyefinity (3 to 1 monitor setup @ 5760 x 1080 resolution) make this change after installing game: Start regedit.exe then navigate to HKEY_Current_User/Software/Ubisoft/From Dust/Graphic Settings then change resolution width to match your single main monitor (I changed mine to decimal 1920). To be very safe you can change resolution to be to 800 Width and 600 Height then run game and change graphics settings in-game. The game should play with one monitor.

Free Games Under Development


Game Hardware

IR Trackers

TrackIR 5 Pro referral from Dslyecxi saves $20.


Video of TrackIR being used in ArmA II

Racing Hardware

Logitech Gaming Wheels

ECCI gaming wheel if you simply want the best.

Thrustmaster gaming wheels

Thompson Super Wheel

ACT LABS Racing Systems

Game Communications

Voice over IP greatly enhances in-game communications. I only recommend TeamSpeak.



Level Designers

Patrick Murphy created the Designed for Danger Portal 2 levels. They were so enjoyable that I took note of it. If I get around to making some games I'll contact Mr. Murphy.

Dedicated server management panel

Pterodactyl is the open-source game server management panel built with PHP7, Nodejs, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to administrators and users.

Game Industry News

Kickstarter games where are they now

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