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Useful Web Development URLs


Cascade Style Sheets

My Notes

My Web design notes

Useful Web Resources

CSS Resources

Responsive step progress bar in pure CSS

CSS Frameworks

Material Design

Material Design Icons

Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design

CSS Tools

CSS Editor

CSS is plain text. A good editor will improve the user experience, speed up coding, and minimize mistakes.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is free, open source, and runs everywhere.

Atom A free and open source hackable text editor for the 21st Century and CSS editor

PhpStorm or WebStorm IDE with CSS support. Not free or open source.

Other tools

Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes made easy

Spiffy Corners

CSS Round Corners

Spanky Corners

Free CSS Templates

Astyle free css editor

Top Style

cssed is a small developer editor and validator, that tries to ease the CSS editing. It is an Open Source project, it means that you can download the program but also its source.

Other links

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

The Web Standards Project (WaSP), founded in 1998, fights for standards that reduce the cost and complexity of development while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of any site published on the Web.

Stylin With CSS

CSS Creator

25 Rounded Corners Techniques

Position is Everything

Form Resources

JForm is free and simple to use.

Mac Resources

CSS Edit

Flash Tools

Flash Mo free flash templates

3D Curve Gallery 3D Curve Gallery

Wix allows you to create limited Flash sites for free with options to upgrade.

Content Management Systems (CMS)


My Joomla notes


Free Joomla Content Editor

Helpful Resources

Beginners Guide from Joomla site

Creating a basic Joomla template

Joomla 1.5 Template Tutorial

Joomla Template Tutorial

Integrate piwik into your Joomla pages by using com_piwik

Introductory: Learning Joomla! using Sample Data

Joomla newbie forum

Planning your Joomla site

Joomla Extensions Defined

Using Joomla Book Links

O'Reilly forum



My Drupal Notes


My WordPress notes

Helpful Resources

Fine tuning your WordPress install on Dreamhost

Other CMS links

Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal article

Artisteer is a Web design automation product that makes it easy to create fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. Artisteer supports Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, and more.

My Artisteer notes

CMS Community Resources

Joomla Wiki

Joomla for Beginners

CMS Market

GotOpinion Wiki Resources


Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Shopping Carts

Payment Info

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