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We will rip out old rotting deck and replace with new deck


We have selected EverGrain Classic Collection Color Cedar. We may go with some Redwood or Weathered Wood color for trim and rails but that should not change the price as it's all part of the Classic Family.

We will only use treated lumber when mandatory


We selected Classic Collection Colors with Cedar being main color and possibly Redwood or Weathered Wood trim or designer shapes.

Deck flooring design

Diagonal to house with possible color or styling options.


What type of bolts? What type of screws? EG 1*2*3 hidden fastners


We selected EverGrain composite Traditional Railing system with continuous rail cap, simple black aluminum balusters and post sleeve.

Rail attached to exterior of deck NOT set on top


36" width on stairs fully trimmed with EverGrain composite


We selected joist hangars versus post and beam construction We wanted deck connected to house versus free standing

Trim Options

We want the rim and steps fully trimmed with EverGrain.


After comparing concrete & interlocking pavers I decided on pavers due to all the benefits.

I jack hammered old concrete patio into manageable sections then loaded the sections into waste bins using a Case mini-loader.

I had area graded to appropriate level, installed retaining wall across yard, then a layer of compacted AB3 about 4" thick. Now I'm ready to install patio edging.

Paver Products

I decided to use concrete patio edging instead of plastic edging due to the durability & strength of using concrete.

I'll sell the edging I bought on Craig's List.

Ewing Irrigation sells Snap Edge Paver Restraint

Patio edging

List of materials:

65 80lbs bags of concrete to cover 80'X8"X8" (little more needed but shouldn't run out)

10 20' sticks of 1/2" rebar (maybe 10' footers but double the quantity)

Concrete bit 1/8" bigger than size of rebar (to secure rebar to foundation)

100' of 2X8 (If you pick it out make sure that there is no big bows in it) 100' of 2X4 (Same as the 2X8) 24' of 1X4 (Stake material)

Color for concrete (find out how much I'll need)

Sliding Glass Doors

Window Replacement

Structured Cable Systems

Structured Cable Systems A project to retrofit house with RG6 and CAT5e/6.

Carlon Structured Cable Management Systems


Hubbell Wiring

Electrical Supply Companies

Electronics Supply Company


Lowe's of Shawnee KS store #1084 is closest to me. Address is 16300 W 65th ST Shawnee KS 66217 (913) 631-3003 Fax: (913) 631-3275 Store Hours Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

Home Depot of Shawnee KS store #2213 is closest to me. Address is 15501 W 67th ST Shawnee, KS 66217 (913)631-1005 Store Hours Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

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