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Home Structured Cable System

Distribution Center

Since this is retrofit on existing 20+ year old house I decided to securely bolt 3/4" plywood to wall and build a distribution center. The metal panels from various vendors would have been nice but the costs did not outweigh the benefits. When we build a new house some day I'll get the fancy distribution panels.

I'll post details once I'm done.

Distribution Modules

LANshack products:

Universal Patch Panel Mounting for patch panel mounting

24 Port Patch Panel

Cables & Wires

Cat5e cables (data [blue] & voice [white])

  • One Box CAT5e solid core UTP 1000' Blue
  • One Box Coaxial RG6 Quad Shield UL 1000' Reel


Carlon for cable conduit

I calculated minimum length of conduit (added some overage):

2" @ 142'

3/4" @ 122'

Carlon Resi-Gard Flexible Raceway

  • Need three standard length coils of 2" P/N SCJ4X1C-100 50'
  • Need two standard length coil of 3/4" P/N SCE4X1-100 100' length

Carlon Conduit Clamps:

  • 30 3/4" P/N SCE977EC and 30 2" P/N SCE977JC
  • 20 Carlon Standard Couplings 2" P/N SCE940J
  • 10 Carlon Quick Connect Couplings 3/4" P/N SCA240E

ABA Cable for bulk cable

LANshack products:

Rip Tie cable ties

Multimedia Outlets



10 QuickPort Multimedia Outlet System (MOS) Flush-Mount Single Gang Wallplates

  • Four P/N 41290-SME (Color Black)
  • Five P/N 41290-SMT (Color Light Almond) (Missing from Leviton PDF)
  • One P/N 41290-SMW (Color White)

QuickPort adapters:

  • Five Black 2-port P/N 41291-2QE
  • Seven Black Blank Modules P/N 41291-1BE
  • Six Light Almond 2-port P/N 41291-2QT (Missing from Leviton PDF)
  • One Light Almond 1-port P/N 41291-1MT (Missing from Leviton PDF)
  • Eight Light Almond Blank Modules P/N 41291-1BT (Missing from Leviton PDF)
  • One White 2-port P/N 41291-2QW
  • Two White Blank Modules P/N 41291-1BW


  • Five White Compression F-Connectors P/N 40782-CPF (prefer different colors but Leviton website only has white)
  • One Bulk Package of 25 Orange GigaMax 5e Connectors P/N 5G108-24O (Part number is different on Leviton PDF which is 5G108-BO5)
  • Five White QuickPort Snap-In Connectors Voice Grade P/N 40836-BW


Need 10 Carlon Old Work Brackets P/N SC100RR 1-Gang

Hubbell Premise

Wiring web pages

modular pin outs - some color

Wiring diagrams

I used T-568B standard for wiring all UTP cabling.

T-568 BandA color diagram.jpg

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